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Convert MM to Inches

It has been a long time since most countries have switched to the metric system of millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers. However, the US system of measurements still uses inches, feet and miles.



Also, the metric system involved switching over to grams and kilograms while the US is still using ounces and pounds for weights. Hence, when measurements of items going in and out of the US are involved, it is necessary to convert mm to inches.

These days, if you want to convert mm to inches, you can find a large number of conversion calculators available online. All you have to do is visit any conversion site and find calculators that give you the option of keying in the figure you want in mm and it will tell you the equivalent in inches. You will be able to convert up to kilometers and the equivalent miles using these conversion tools.

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Convert MM to Inches - Simple Calculation

If you would like to manually convert mm to inches, you need to follow a basic conversion rate of 25.4 mm to 1 inch. Hence, if 10 millimeters is 1 centimeter:

  • 100 mm (which is 10 centimeters) would be 3.93 inches
  • 1000 millimeters is 10 centimeters or 1 meter, which would be 39.37 inches.

Where do people need to convert inches to MM?

You will feel the need to convert inches to mm in so many different situations, such as in the construction industry where you will need to know length, height, depth and width. Whether it involves walls, ceiling height, floor dimensions or storage units, you will find it important to convert these measurements.

Another area where you will find the need to convert inches to mm is in the interior design and furniture industries. The dimensions of furniture have to be calculated so accurately that it is important to be able to calculate in fractions. This is more so when raw material such as sheets and planks of wood or board are measured and cut to size. Even being off by a millimeter can make a difference. The need to convert mm to inches also arises in the fashion industry which involves the tailoring of customized clothes and the slightest difference can change the fit of a garment.


The video above shows how to do various measurement conversion calculations.


There is no denying the importance of conversions in the field of education. Mathematics is just one of the subjects where you will find it essential to convert mm to inches. All equations are based on calculations and even one decimal point can make a big difference to the end result. Students need to understand both systems of measurement in order to cope with calculations in different parts of the world.

The adoption of the metric system has necessitated conversions of different measurements, and not just to the mm to inches conversion. This system of conversion also applies to weights and measures. For instance, if you use a recipe from Europe in USA, you would need to convert from grams to ounces for all solid ingredients. When it comes to liquids, you would need to convert from milliliters and liters to gallons. These conversions apply to juices, water and even fuel!

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